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Finishing & Polishing

​EZ-Shine Composite polishing paste
CODE: V011-Composite polishing paste
50.00 EGP
Composite Polishing Kits
CODE: V011-Composite Polishing Kits
95.00 EGP
EZ-Shine Polishing paste for Porcelain an...
CODE: V011-Polishing for Porcelain
40.00 EGP
Kerr OptiShine™ Finishing and Polishing
CODE: V016-OptiShine™ Finishing and Po
135.00 EGP
Maquira finishing strips
CODE: v055-finishing strips
135.00 EGP
Qartz Prophylaxis Paste
CODE: V055-Polishing paste
55.00 EGP
Amalgam Polishing Kits
CODE: V011-Amalgum Polishing Kits
90.00 EGP
​EZ-Shine Amalgam Polishing Paste
CODE: V011-Amalgam Polishing Paste
40.00 EGP
I TENA Perfect Polish Set
CODE: V041- polishing kit
275.00 EGP
Polishing Paste
CODE: V055-polishing cap
2.50 EGP
TOR VM Finishing and Polishing Kit
CODE: V055-Finishing and Polishing Kit
245.00 EGP
Tor VM Polishing Discs (80 pics)
CODE: V025-Polishing Discs
300.00 EGP
Tor VM Polishing Discs (40 pics)
CODE: V023-Polishing Discs
Out of Stock
Ultradent Opalustre Syr
CODE: V036 - Opalustre Syr
555.00 EGP
Kerr Opti Disc
CODE: V016-4188
715.00 EGP
TOR VM Transparent Strips
CODE: V055-Transparent Strips
35.00 EGP
Kerr Opti 1 Step Polisher Assortment Kit ...
CODE: V016-8004
575.00 EGP
Kerr HI Luster Polishing System
CODE: V016-2600
1,150.00 EGP
3M Mandril Soflex Kit (3 PCS )
CODE: V021 - 3M Mandril Soflex
460.00 EGP
TOR VM Finishing & Polishing Strips
CODE: V055-Contouring Strips
40.00 EGP
TOR VM Finishing & Polishing Strips Unive...
CODE: V055-Strips Universal Kit
100.00 EGP
Kinda Polishing Porcelain Kit
CODE: V023 - Kinda Polishing Porcelain Kit
350.00 EGP
President dental ZENIT FLEX SNAP ON - Fin...
CODE: V002-2026
1,200.00 EGP
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