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Videya K-File Size 10 L25


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Product Description: (Endodontic K Files)

1、For all preparation techniques with filing motion

2、Look clean and cut dentin, make the wall smooth

3、stainless steel

4、 Square cross section

5、6 pcs per pack, available for single or mixed sizes

Videya Dental uses K file hand Details:

◆ Taper: 0.02

◆ Type of operation: manual use

◆ Material: stainless steel

◆ Length: 21/25/28/31mm

◆ Size: #08/10/15/20/25/30/35/40/45/50/55/60/70/80

◆ Section: diamond-shaped cross section

◆ Packing: 6 pcs / box (one size or assorted)

◆ Certificate: CE, FDA ISO

Endodontic K-files are produced to give the operator a smooth tactile feel inside the canal during instrumentation. ANS Videya K-Files are manufactured to ISO standards, ensuring world-class design and quality.

Can made from quality stainless steel or NITI

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