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The Smile Strong Bleaching


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The Smile® reflects the technique of office bleaching. You get immediate results with an application of around 20 minutes. Strong Complete 38% hydrogen peroxide, red or white 

The package contains: 

• 2 syringes of whitening gel of 3 ml each 

• 1 syringe of desensitizing gel of 3 ml 

• 2 syringes of 3 ml of Light Curing the Smile Gum Guard° liquid barrier 

• Shade guide of tooth colour and instructions for use. 

Our whitening gel PLUS: 

• Gel ready for use: no need of any preliminary preparation like mixing or syringe to syringe mixing. Just apply the gel onto the teeth 

• Effective in around 20 minute by 1 dental whitening session only. Rarely, the whitening session needs to be repeated 

• No need of refrigeration! 

• Effective on both vital and devitalized teeth 

• Performance indication: the colored gel becomes whitish after around 20 minutes application 

• Low dental sensitivity thanks to a pre-built teeth desensitizing agent 

• Immediate whitening activation: no need of any lamp! 

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