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Siger Siray Max Portable X-Ray


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Siger portable X-ray "siray" with focal spot 0.4

Humanized Design 
• The exposure time can be adjusted between 0.02 - 2.00S 

• High capacity battery, continuous exposure for 300 times after full power storage

. • Exquisite and compact appearance, easier to handle

 • 1Skg light weight design, more comforUble to hold

 • Build-In overheat protection procedure, effectively protect the tube. • Several langUages are optional for operation Interface 

High frequency DC constant voltage control technology:

 • Higher image quality 

• Less radiation quantity 

• Radiation output is not affected by line voltage fluctuation 

High quality image 

• Advanced high frequency and constant voltage DC generator

 • Canon DC X-ray tube 

• OAMM focal point, clearer image

 ▪ 2mA tube current and 70kV tube voltage to guarantee stable imaging quality. 

Clear and sensitive operation interface 

  • SIRAY Max Touch screen 
  • SIRAY Mia Key screen 

Convenient imaging options 

• Adult/child mode is selectable 

• Tooth type exposure program is selectable.

 • The exposure time can be adjusted and memorized 

• Film-based rnode, CR and digital imaging mode selection key is available. 

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