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COXO C-Sailor-Pro Implant Motor


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Maximum power: 150W

Power supply: AC230V 50/60Hz

Motor speed: 300--4000Orpm

Adjustable torque: 5Ncm--80Ncm

Water supply volume: 4 blocks adjustable. 150ml/min

Light source illumination: 3000Olux

Motor: surgical brushless motor

Packing material Aluminum box

Dental implantation system:

Full touch big screen& Graphical planting process:


Guided drilling



Placement of dental implant

One custom program (Do what you want to do)

·Irrigation procedures) Easy to use,easy to deal with different situation(

Separate Procedures:

Super Water supply 4 shifts water supply up to 150ml/min

New generation motorPowerful torque output up

LED lightGive you light source up to 30,000lux

Multifunctional Pedal ControllerGiving the maximum feerdom of the handle

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