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Cotisen Mouth Prop


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1.After the teeth bite inside the mouth supporter , easily avoiding mouth brought a sense of fatigue,patients willenjoy the treatment process easily.
2.Using block tongue, in order to supporttongue, will prevent the paralysis and hurt in the in the long process oftreatment time to lift the tongue numbness and injury caused completely
3.Made of Silicone
4.Autoclave or Dry Heat up to 500F
5.Use step:
(1) Choose the appropriate block tongue according to your need (theleft and right models)
(2) Put the block tongue on the occlusal pad.
(3) Bite the mounted equipment with your molar teeth.


Comfortable and flexible plastic, resistant to high temperature 121 degree. Ideal for opening the upper and lower arch, convenient for operating. L, M, S type for different patients. Easily avoiding patients fatigue by using mouth prop, make patients enjoy a relaxing treatment

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