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Clarox VX-30 Portable X-Ray


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1- Unmatched Portability: Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional, stationary X-ray machines. With the Clarox portable dental x ray machine , you have the freedom to capture high-quality radiographs anywhere within your practice. Its lightweight and compact design make it easy to maneuver, allowing you to bring X-ray imaging directly to your patients' chairs. 

2-  User-Friendly Experience: Operating the Clarox Portable Dental X-ray is intuitive and straightforward. With user-friendly controls and a streamlined interface, you can effortlessly capture, review, and share radiographic images. Spend less time navigating complex systems and more time focusing on what matters most – your patients.  

Ultra-Low Dose

 Protect your patients and staff with the Clarox VX30, the only ultra-low-dose handheld xray in the world. Experience peace of mind knowing that you can deliver superior imaging while keeping radiation exposure at a minimum. 

Ultra-High Definition

 Witness the clarity of our ultra-high-definition images. The Clarox VX30 portable dental x ray delivers exceptional image quality, enabling you to make accurate diagnoses and provide the best possible care 

Ultra-High Speed

 Experience lightning-fast scans with the Clarox VX30 portable dental x ray machine. Its high-speed capabilities ensure quick and efficient imaging, reducing wait times and increasing productivity  

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