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China Cheek Retractors
CODE: V011-China Cheek Retractors
15.00 EGP
Ultradent Mouth PropGard® Tongue
CODE: V017-3963005
67.00 EGP
Intraoral Cheek Retractor
CODE: V055-cheek retractor
22.00 EGP
Cheek Retractor with Hand
CODE: V055- Cheek retractors
20.00 EGP
Orthopro Lingual Retainers
CODE: V010-31
50.00 EGP
Straight Wire 0.07
CODE: V011 - wire
2.00 EGP
UltraDent Tongue Guard 10pk Refill
CODE: V036-Tongue Guard
18.00 EGP
Dentsply O-Tie
CODE: V010-TT-55IL
12.00 EGP
China Cheek Retractors
CODE: V055-China Cheek Retractors
15.00 EGP
Orthopro Wire Niti Round
CODE: V010-601-01
120.00 EGP
RMO Composit Light
CODE: V010-K00073
575.00 EGP
Dentsply Bracket
400.00 EGP
Dentsply Impression Tray
20.00 EGP
China tubes
CODE: V011-China tubes
35.00 EGP
Cavex Orthotrace
CODE: V028-201
105.00 EGP
Cheek Retractor Minesota
CODE: V055 - Cheek Retractor Minesota
17.00 EGP
Orthopro Braceket Metal MBT
CODE: V010-022
250.00 EGP
Orthopro Crim Pabl Hook With Driver
CODE: V010-9122-180
350.00 EGP
Orthopro Molar Band with Buccal Tube
CODE: V010-5B21-20B
35.00 EGP
Orthopro Wire Coated Rectangular
CODE: V010-601-11C
500.00 EGP
Orthopro Photo Retractor Adult
CODE: V010-Maxee-A1
325.00 EGP
RMO Composit Primer
CODE: V010-K00074
575.00 EGP
Dentsply Elastic
CODE: V010-G755-F
12.00 EGP
Orthopro O-Tie
CODE: V010-631-010
125.00 EGP
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