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Turbines & Micromotors

COXO | High Speed Handpiece Push Button
CODE: V007-HP024
900.00 EGP
Contra Apple High speed push bottom
CODE: V055-Contra Apple High pouch
600.00 EGP
COXO | HandPiece Low Speed Air Motor
CODE: V007-HP027
700.00 EGP
COXO | Contra Angle
CODE: V007-HP025
500.00 EGP
Contra Apple Low speed
CODE: V055-Contra Apple Low speed
430.00 EGP
China Air Motor
CODE: V055-Air motor
355.00 EGP
Contra Angle Kit Low Speed
CODE: V011- DYM Contra Angle Kit
700.00 EGP
Key contra "CHINA"
CODE: V011-Key contra "CHINA"
15.00 EGP
W&H Service oil F1
CODE: V0012191
660.00 EGP
NSK Pana Air FX
CODE: V016-P1225
2,664.00 EGP
2,960.00 EGP
TOSI Disposable Handpiece
CODE: V017-6301001
Out of Stock
NSk FX25 Low Speed
CODE: V016-C1052002
2,300.00 EGP
Delma Handpiece High Speedpush button
CODE: V017-9806006
750.00 EGP
kit apple low speed
CODE: V055- KIT apple
1,050.00 EGP
Delma Super Torque Triple Spray High Spee...
1,350.00 EGP
TOSI Quick coupling 4-Holes for disposabl...
CODE: V017-6301002
110.00 EGP
Contra Apple High speed Key
CODE: V011-Contra Apple High speed Key
600.00 EGP
China Convertor Contra from (4 to 2)
CODE: V011- China Convertor Contra
65.00 EGP
Saeshin Strong Handpiece Low Speed 209B
CODE: V055-strong 209B
2,600.00 EGP
Sirona T3 Racer Highspeed
CODE: V026-T3 Racer Highspeed
3,600.00 EGP
Cartridge Key - China 2
CODE: v011-nsk key2
70.00 EGP
COXO | High Speed Handpiece Push Button
CODE: V055 - Handpiece Push Button
900.00 EGP
CODE: V055-air motor
450.00 EGP
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