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Woodpecker Light Cure LED H
CODE: V026-Light Cure LED H
1,400.00 EGP
Woodpecker Ultrasonic Scaler UDS-P LED
Out of Stock
Muller Omicron Betasil Intro Kit
CODE: V026-88691
1,000.00 EGP
Sirona T3 Racer Highspeed
CODE: V026-T3 Racer Highspeed
3,600.00 EGP
X-mind Xgenus X-Ray DC Wall Mount
CODE: V026-DC Wall Mount
43,000.00 EGP
Aesculap Tofflemire Matrix retainer unive...
CODE: V026- Tofflemire
Out of Stock
Sirona T4 line B 40 lowspeed
CODE: V026-T4 line B 40 lowspeed
2,600.00 EGP
SironaT4 Racer highspeed
CODE: V026-T4 Racer highspeed
Out of Stock
Muller Omicron Algistar Chromatic Regular...
CODE: V026-2249
65.00 EGP
72.00 EGP
Sirona Endo 6:1 Lowspeed
CODE: V026-Endo 6:1 Lowspeed
7,000.00 EGP
Sirona T3 line E6 6:1 Lowspeed
CODE: V026-T3 line E6 6:1 Lowspeed
Out of Stock
TAU STERIL Autoclave - TauClave 3000 Vacuum
CODE: V026-TauClave 3000 Vacuum
45,000.00 EGP
Woodpecker Ultrasonic Scaler UDS-E LED
5,000.00 EGP
5,900.00 EGP
Sirona Siroend Pocket
CODE: V026-Siroend Pocket
40,000.00 EGP
Sirona Siroinspect
CODE: V026-Siroinspect
6,500.00 EGP
Muller Omicron Algistar Classic 500g
CODE: V026-2250
65.00 EGP
72.00 EGP
Muller Omicron Algistar Orthodontics 450g
CODE: V026-2255
65.00 EGP
72.00 EGP
Muller Omicron Alphasil Kit
CODE: V026-Alphasil Kit
Out of Stock
Muller Omicron EasyCord
CODE: V026-20254
190.00 EGP
205.00 EGP
Muller Omicron SILECT catalyst 60ml Tube
CODE: V026-SILECT catalyst
Out of Stock
Muller Omicron SILECT Light 140ml Tube
CODE: V026- SILECT Light
Out of Stock
Dental Unit Sirona C8+
CODE: V026-Sirona C8+
190,000.00 EGP
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